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Even if it is not revealed in the first few consultations, some kind of attacking the self, in a unique individualized fashion, can be found in close to every single auto-immune case as an underlying cause of myasthenia gravis.


Cure of myasthenia gravis Case 1)

One of my favourite cured cases of myasthenia gravis (myasthenia gravis) involved an elderly woman and absolutely no remedy, medicine, supplement, or vitamin. All that was needed to bring about the cure was the awareness that dawned on her during our initial consultation, where I used the Holistic Counselling process for excavating and exposing the underlying cause of illness, or as we may say, a person’s problem. She was 81 years old and had recently been diagnosed with myasthenia gravis. She had diplopia, drooping eyelids, and generalized weakness. She had recently lost her husband and at first, I made a quick and incorrect assumption that she was grieving over the loss of her husband and was sick as a result of it. It was not even close to the truth. The truth, as it was revealed through our dialogue, was that after her husband passed on, she realized that she had never loved him, and she was very angry with herself that she had never had the courage to move on with her life. She also felt guilty for these feelings and both of these energies, anger and guilt, turned on herself, eating her up inside, were enough to instruct her obedient immune cells to assemble a full-frontal assault on her acetyl-choline receptors in her neuro-muscular junction. When I helped her see that connection, and how attacking herself was causing the symptoms, she took a little time and decided, by herself, right in the chair of our first consult, that she was not going to do that anymore. She felt sad and cried about the aspect of life she felt she lost, but quickly forgave herself, decided to begin living her life as she wanted right then and stopped attacking herself. Her symptoms were completely gone in three days, never to return. When I called her a few days later to support her healing with a homeopathic remedy I selected, she said she didn’t need any and was fine. I became obsolete in her life.


Cure of myasthenia gravis Case 2)

Another case illustrated the connection between the mind and body in a very potent fashion. It was a young woman of 26 years old who had myasthenia gravis for less than six months. I had worked with her for a few months without any change. One day, we had an appointment scheduled on the phone and when I called, she sounded out of breath, her breathing was very laboured (that is the main way that myasthenia gravis kills – by paralyzing the diaphragm), and told me she was late to take her medication (mestinon) and to hold on, while she went to take it. I recognized it as an opportunity to see the fullness of her illness, and hoped it may lead to a breakthrough in a case that was not advancing. So I asked her to wait. We began to do the Holistic Counseling dialogue, and within a short amount of time, after some questioning about how she felt (sad), and how that felt (angry with herself), and how she felt about that (guilty), she told me something she had never disclosed during the previous appointments together. She told me that she had been dating a young man who was in a gang. She told him it was unacceptable to her and he should leave the gang. He would not. So she left him. The next week he was shot and killed. She blamed herself, believing that if she had stayed with him that would never have happened. She broke down and cried, very deeply, as she had not revealed these feelings to anyone, choosing to carry this burden stoically while she blamed herself and developed myasthenia gravis. After some time discussing it and weeping, letting go of a lot of that burden, I asked her how her breathing was and she said, with surprise and amazement, “it is fine.” At that moment, her life changed forever, because she came to see, firsthand, with no ambiguity, the power of addressing the underlying cause, and the healing power of Nature where the mind-body connection is established between cause in the mind and reflection in the body. I became obsolete to her too.  


Neither of these cases improved because of any remedy, homeopathic or other. But in most cases I do also offer homeopathic remedies, which remain, in my experience and opinion, the best medicine to complement this mind-body connection for this and other forms of auto-immune illness.


The next few cured cases of myasthenia gravis needed the help of the mirror in Nature (homeopathy) to move old and very tough energies when the awareness of the underlying cause of the illness was simply not enough. It is extremely important to recognize that as naturopathic doctor, and homeopaths, we treat each case on a personal and individualized level. What that means is that, although these myasthenia gravis cases benefitted from certain specific remedies, they will not benefit you just because you have myasthenia gravis. Do not go and try these remedies, thinking they will help. They will not. It is essential to have entire case taken by a professional homeopath or a naturopathic doctor specializing in in homeopathy, and, it wouldn’t hurt to have these healers / doctors specialized in auto-immune illness, and myasthenia gravis, which is what I focus on in my practice.


Cure of myasthenia gravis Case 3)

I began working with C.P. in Montreal in September, 2004. She was 32 years old at the time, and was extremely weak and had been diagnosed with myasthenia gravis earlier in the year. She had just had a baby as well, which had aggravated her condition. She had pronounced weakness in her muscles, ran out of energy quickly, had trouble breathing, and always felt short of breath. This case took a long time to improve, but after a two years of working together, she is doing well and I have not heard from her in some time. I initially began her on ignatia, because of the great disappointed ideals she had after her wedding and in the beginning of her marriage. Her husband was not living up to the high ideals she had envisioned her married life to be. Her wedding was also a big disappointment and he was not present for any of the preparation and barely showed any sign of emotion or excitement about and during the wedding itself. She was also sighing a lot, in my office, and that was the homeopathic remedy that appeared the best suited initially for her case of myasthenia gravis. The case did change over time, with mostly slow, but steady improvement. I changed the remedy a few times, also with slight improvement. It was not a case that responded dramatically at first or even later, to any specific remedy or revelation in the counselling / psychotherapy that I do. But over time, it shows, that most cases, like this, of myasthenia gravis, if they are very bad to begin, will improve with time, if there is not too much conventional medical intervention, which is the #1 obstacle to cure myasthenia gravis in my practice.


Cure of myasthenia gravis Case 4)

The next case of myasthenia gravis was much more dramatic and had a very clear and obvious response to the homeopathic remedy I selected, although it took a few weeks for the patient to respond to the homeopathic remedy and for all the symptoms of myasthenia gravis to clear up. S.G. was 33 when she came to see me. She had Convergent strabismus (cross-eyed) and had with vertical diplopia (double-vision.) She had ptosis (drooping eyelids) and all of her eye symptoms where worse on the left side. She also had some other interesting symptoms like objects appearing closer than they are, blurry vision and worse vision at night-time. After doing some counselling and deep “Nature detective work” I uncovered her life story which was clearly at the root cause of her illness. She was a Hindu woman who was born and raised in India. She was very close to her family and, like many Hindu families, remained with her parents until the day she was married. When she did marry, her husband’s family “took ownership” over her and she moved with him to the USA. She spoke as much as she could to her family, in the new land of the USA, but it was discouraged by her husband. What was the worse aspect of this, is that when she went to visit India, she was only allowed to spend a few hours with her family and her parents at the airport, and then she would spend the rest of the time with her husband’s family. She began to develop a great rage inside, but it was against her Hindu beliefs and the way she raised that she should say anything, or offer any complaint to her husband. So she kept it all locked in and began to develop symptoms of myasthenia gravis. When I repertorized (studied her case homeopathically) I really was seeing a strong indication for the homeopathic remedy stramonium from the nightshade family, but something didn’t quite feel 100% totally correct, so I decided to sleep on it. That night, I had a dream. (I do dream of remedies sometimes for my patients, but it is rare and this case was by far the most amazing dream I have ever had). In a dream, I was seeing a man tend to a big bloom of datura stramonium flowers, but they had purple tips, instead of white. Also in the dream, there was an Indian man from the village I lived in, saying “These plants are just marvellous.”


cure of myasthenia gravis with homeopathy datura metel

When I awoke, I did a search on google for “purple stramonium” and “purple datura” and discovered that such a plant DID exist and looked EXACTLY as I had seen it in the dream. What blew my mind and gave me those amazing “soul shivers” was when I read some of the names of the plant and its synonyms. Purple datura is known as Datura metel or Hindu Datura! Wow!


I knew I had discovered the correct “mirror” in nature to help cure this woman of myasthenia gravis. And sure enough, after administering the remedy to her once a week for 6 weeks, by the 6th week, all of her symptoms of myasthenia gravis had disappeared, she was feeling great, AND, she had a great big discussion with her husband about the unfairness of the situation and things were changed in her favour. A great case indeed!


Cure of myasthenia gravis Case 5)

Another dramatic cured case of myasthenia gravis began in 2010 with a 54 year old man with severe generalized myasthenia gravis. He was so sick when he came to my office that he was using a walker to walk around and couldn’t get up the flight of stairs leading up to my office, so I had to see him in his car. He also could not lift his head up while he was walking, so he hobbled along the sidewalk, staring at the ground, with his arms outstretched barely holding himself up. He had a long history bronchitis and pneumonia, and had also had hip replacement surgery and was completely addicted to morphine-derivative painkillers when he came to see me (some of these pills exacerbate myasthenia gravis and so it was with him.) He had also had insomnia most of his life. He was an interesting fellow, jovial, playful, and quite a character – fun to be around. His job was basically buying gold scraps from dentists and selling the gold for a higher price.  He loved driving fast and had a thrill for fast cars and breaking the speed limit. He also “walked like a duck” in his description. I worked with him initially to clear the state of addiction and negative effects of all the drug use and began his myasthenia gravis case with the homeopathic remedy nux-vomica. It helped him to calm down. Then I used another very well indicated homeopathic remedy for morpheine addiction and sleeplessless which is lactuca virosa to help him come off the last percocets. After he was off all the percocets and was basically clear of any of the addictions he had (including diet coke) his case was much clearer and I was able to recognize the remedy in nature that matched the totality of his case – and it was Corvus corax – raven’s blood homeopathically. Louis Klein also has cured a case using this particular bird remedy, and after this amazing case, I see that corvus corax, when and only when it is indicated, can have a remarkable effect on curing myasthenia gravis. I had him take the remedy once / week and every week he improved considerably and began to withdraw from the mestinon he was taking. He dropped from 8 pills, down to 6, then 4, and then was on 2 pills. Around 7 weeks into the treatment with homeopathic corvus corax,  he wrote me and told me he wasn’t doing well. What happened was that he was doing very well but he felt very sick after taking the mestinon, two consecutive days. On the third, he decided not to take any, and was fine without any medicine. He had come off all drugs, and was now symptom free. He wasn’t doing well at the end on the mestinon, because he no longer needed it. A great and amazing case, that was very complicated and seemed hopeless in the beginning, but with time, and addressing each issue, one at a time, now this man, who could barely walk and could not climb the stairs was totally recovered, symptom free and without any drugs for myasthenia gravis.


Cure of myasthenia gravis Case 6) 

Another case of myasthenia gravis cure came in 2008 with a 12 year old boy who had come down with the symptoms of myasthenia gravis after he had a bout of severe vomiting following what the parents believed was food poisoning. For 3 days he had high temperature. Four days after he recovered from this bout of food poisonous, or the flu, he began seeing double, and then his speech began getting all messed up. It was slurred, and he was making errors in pronunciation, garbled speech. He was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis. When I took his case and asked about the rest of his life and how he was, his mother kept saying “he is an angel – too much of an angel” Too good to others. He doesn’t stand up for himself. Doesn’t want to do anything wrong. Feels as if he has done wrong. He has a lot of suppressed anger and a fear of punishment – fear of being spanked / punished. He also had a lot of twitching in the muscles along with Diplopia / Ptosis / Blurred vision and a  tired look.  Based on all of the above information, I gave him the homeopathic remedy “agaricus muscarius” and he was cured within a few weeks, with no more symptoms, no slurred speech, weakness, fatigue, or troubles with his vision. A few months after we began working together, his mom wrote me – “He is doing outstanding - he is completely off his mestinon for the past month and has had no side effects.  I have my healthy, athletic son back! Thank you for all your help!”


Cure of Myasthenia Gravis Case 7)

This was the case of a 13 year old young lady who was struggling with self worth and also trouble with her emotion. The case progessed wonderfully well with counseling alone. Despite her young age, Deziree responded amazingly well to Holistic Counseling. For 3 appointments, I offered her no homeopathic remedy - just the awareness that was achieved through Holistic Counseling was enough for to have noticeable improvement with a great decrease in the incidents of myasthenia gravis symptoms and "episodes." The main theme for Deziree was having misinterpreted other children's making fun of her. Instead of seeing it as a complement, as it truly was for her, she had internalized the mocking, thinking there was something wrong with her. The resultant sadness was also not given any space, as she had been raised as her own parents had equally been raised to "suck it up" and not show any sadness. Recognizing these things for her, she easily moved into a different space and belief pattern about herself and about dealing with grief, and has done very well. I did offer her some ignatia as a complement to the Holistic Counseling process.


Deziree's Mom shared with me:

I posted this on Facebook, but wanted to share with you. We owe you a big thanks.


"A little over a year ago, Dez was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. Her Neurologist told her to quit sports and wanted to pull her out of PE indefinitely. Well...we told him to go pound-sand! With the help of her Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Moshe and a complete diet change, Dez has beaten the odds. Not only is Dez about her to finish her first season of club volleyball but she was awarded a Physical Education Award today at her promotion. I can't even put into words how proud I am of my daughter. She is the strongest young woman I know. Make note of Deziree....She will be doing big things in her future. She does not take "no" for an answer."



Not every case is cured in these exact fashions. Every case is different. Some improve over time, and do much better on or off the medications. Some improve very slowly and still have symptoms but are much more functional and can come off the medications in time. Others do not improve but it is my opinion, that with time and dedication, all can improve, especially if there is not too much intervention with conventional medicine, which usually acts opposite the direction of cure by putting the patients on a lot of toxic medication or by removing the thymus gland, or by putting fear in their patients.


With time, most all cases of myasthenia gravis can be cured.


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