In my practice, I have a very effective, gentle healing approach to help improve your health, quality of life, happiness, energy and vitality and overall well-being with this most difficult disease - myasthenia gravis. I work with homeopathy, deep counseling work, and nutrition to help heal and of course, go for the cure of myasthenia gravis. Not every has been cured, but most show improvement over time with myasthenia gravis. Some gradually, some more readily.


I see people from all around the world. Ideally, the first visit is in person, yet this is not always possible, as I see people suffering from Myasthenia Gravis from all over the world. We can do the visits on the phone, and ideally, if the patient has a good internet connection, I have been using SKYPE with excellent, clear communication over the internet, and this is free of charge - NO long distance fees, so the only fee is my service.


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What to expect from the treatment:


The first visit involves quite a long history and case taking to get to the root and understand the person on the whole and what is causing their illness. The first visit can be up to 1.5 hours. The follow-ups are done in person if possible, or on the phone or internet depending on each case and the location of the patient. The first visit is $280 USD. Follow ups are $140 USD per hour, and the follow ups are usually 30mins-1 hour, but can run as long as 90 minutes. Follow ups are usually once every 4-6 weeks. The healing can occur quickly, after a few visits, or it may take longer - up to several months - to begin noticing a real difference. It all depends on how well the person knows themself, and how easy it is for us to get to the bottom, to the cause, of the illness. One of the other most important factors is how much other interfering medicine is being taken. Conventional medical drugs and surgeries offer a real setback and challenge during the course of holistic treatment (but may be necessary at times of extreme stress and where a person's life is threatened). Even some supplements and alternative medicines can interfere with proper healing of myasthenia gravis when undergoing homeopathy.

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Note - It is true that I specialized in myasthenia gravis, but I calso work in other auto-immune illnesses, as the premises are similar between the different auto-immune diseases.